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The final selection of 40 images made me work too hard since there were very interesting things so that, even after giving it a lot of thoughts I have decided for one, any of the last 5 would be a worthy winner.
Winning photograph
Building With Steps
Building With Steps - The tallest building in Fort Worth, Texas, this simple brutalist architectural design is a unique addition to the vibrant and growing downtown landscape, with a strong, repetitive pattern of windows being interrupted by meticulous, powerful vertical lines. It is the first and the last building you see when driving past this charming Texas town. It also serves as a prominent symbol of both economic and urban activity in the surrounding downtown area, with the interesting Jonathan Borofsky aluminum sculpture placed near.
by nikolaolic , first prize in the contest Architecture sponsored by Fomunity 
Among the final selection, I think that this picture is the closest to what is the description of the character of a building. It is concrete, direct and effective and the balance between the two masses (left and right) is very well managed. All this without falling into sensationalism or superficial effects.

Contest rules

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This contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers who are interested.


Architecture. There are plenty of buildings of all kinds and of all ages that everyone has seen, but your vision is different from the rest. Let us see the impossible perspective or detail that no one else has seen.


Each competitor can submit up to 3 photographs, none of which can have won a prize in any other competition (Fomunity or otherwise) and to which they must hold the intellectual property rights.

The photographs must be at least 1 000 pixels and no more than 10 000 pixels, in JPG (JPEG) format, and can be no larger than 10 MB.

Basic digital processing (white balance, exposure, levels, contrast, saturation, focus, vignetting elimination ...) and cleaning of particles and moderate cuts be accepted. Image modifications or part/s of it, that would make the photography to reflect a different reality to the photographed not be accepted.

The authors of the photographs they reach the final stage of the discussions may be asked, if necessary, by any means, explanations about the image that the jury deems appropriate, including the RAW files.

Only photographs submitted via the contest page: will be accepted.

To encourage originality, submitted photographs will not be published until the entry deadline has passed.

To help jury impartiality, the authors of each photograph will not be displayed until the jury has made its decision.


You can submit photographs from June 20, 2016 at 00:00 until September 5, 2016 at 23:59.

The jury's decision will be published on the contest webpage on September 12, 2016.

Fomunity uses Central European Time, and adjusts to Central European Summer Time in season.


The contest jury will be the IEFC teacher Quim Farrero (, and their decision will be final.


There will be only one overall winner, who will receive a prize of €150.


Works that infringe people's dignity or human rights will not be accepted.

Works featuring any over-texts, watermarks or any frame or indication of the author's identity (in the photograph, title or description) will not be eligible for a prize. The jury will reject any photograph that fails to comply with these rules.

Competitors are liable for any image rights or civil liability suits.

Fomunity reserves the right to remove any photograph from the contest if the jury or the Fomunity team considers that the photograph does not fit the proposed theme.

Any situation not covered by these rules will be decided by the jury and the Fomunity team.