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Esperando la ola - Dos surfistas descansando hasta la siguiente ola.
by Natx33 , in the contest Black and white sponsored by Fomunity 

Esperando la ola

in the contest Black and white

Natx3356 photos 20 contests 2 achievements

Dos surfistas descansando hasta la siguiente ola.

Exif data Value
Orientation 1
X Resolution 1.00
Y Resolution 116.42
Date and time 0 (Windows)
F number 4
ISO speed 100
Exif version 0230
Date and time original 2014:08:14 12:46:38
Date and time digitized 2014:08:14 12:46:38
Shutter speed 10.64
Aperture 4
Exposure bias 0
Max aperture 4
Flash 16
Focal length 105
Focal plane X resolution 5715.54
Focal plane Y resolution 5808.40
Focal plane resolution unit 2
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The flowering of the Tajinaste

5TH INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2021 “The flowering of the Tajinaste”
Photos representing the flowering of Tajinaste. Our endemic plant is between the most beautiful of all the authochthonous Canarian plants. This contest aims to spread this beauty around the world by viewing the photographs and preparing an exhibition.