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Philia es mejor que el eros - Aristóteles mitiga Platón.
by lucasbraga , finalist in the contest Yellow sponsored by Fomunity 

Philia es mejor que el eros

in the contest Yellow

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Aristóteles mitiga Platón.


Finalist in the contest.
Exif data Value
Orientation 1
X Resolution 2.37
Y Resolution 260.56
Date and time (Macintosh)
F number 5
ISO speed 640
Exif version 0230
Date and time original 2015:12:02 13:32:58
Date and time digitized 2015:12:02 13:32:58
Shutter speed 6.32
Aperture 4.64
Exposure bias 0
Max aperture 3
Flash 16
Focal length 46
Focal plane X resolution 2439.50
Focal plane Y resolution 2439.50
Focal plane resolution unit 3